Course curriculum

  • 01

    Enrollment for the course

  • 02

    Getting Started

    • What is OSINT

    • Ethics and Compliance

    • Setting up for OSINT

    • OS

    • Investigation Plan

    • Document everything

    • Additional protection online

    • Virtual Machines

    • VPN

    • Sock Puppet

  • 03

    Sleuth Time!

    • Check the details

    • OSINT vs Paid databases

    • How does Google work?

    • Refining your search

    • Using structure in your search

    • Using Operators

    • Searching mobile numbers

    • URL structure

    • Search sites through Google

    • Domain search

    • WWW Live session

  • 04


    • Paid databases

    • Playing with data

    • Historical information

    • OSINT


    • OSINT in the wild

    • Data leaks

    • Searching TikTok

    • Subscription/login blockers hack

  • 05

    Taking it to the next level

    • Old School

    • Cyberpsychology

    • Profiling people

    • Psychology of Skip Tracing

    • Misinformation & Disinformation

    • Social Engineering

    • Pretexting

    • Language identification

    • Social Engineering Lives Session

  • 06

    Exploring Websites

    • Things to add

  • 07

    Business Intelligence

    • things to add

  • 08

    Getting Personal

    • things to add

  • 09

    Mastering the Search Tools

    • Things to add

Brad Lyons

Instructor Bio:

Brad Lyons is a career skip tracer with numerous years and successful traces under his belt. Brad Lyons background includes:- History in Debt Collections. Active developer for OSINT in Australia and overseas. Locates Australia’s most wanted and criminals for governments. Worked as a PI in Australia and overseas. Teaches Government, Banks, Debt Collections, Insurance and other private and publicly listed companies in Skip tracing, compliance and social engineering both in Australia and overseas. Consultant to banks, government and other private and publicly listed companies in Australia and overseas. Runs open community projects that focuses on locating missing people.

brad lyons

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